Plan Reviews

Plan review plays a very vital roll in code enforcement. With a quality plan review, the builder becomes knowledgeable in the requirements of code enforcement long before construction begins. This will assist in less time delays in the projects and a better understanding as to why code enforcement is needed. A quality plan review should be educational and beneficial to the applicant. 

The following is generally what is needed for a complete plan review. 

Commercial and Industrial Projects:

  1. Preconstruction meeting with the architect, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, owner or agent to discuss the project, answer any questions, or discuss any requirements that maybe needed. 

  2. Submit two complete plans for review with a completed permit application.
  3. Once received, a complete plan review can be performed using the appropriate codes.

If corrections are needed for code compliance, a plan review letter will be sent to the design professional and owner/agent for corrections of the plans or additional detail. 

  5. Resubmit the required information for approval. 

Approve plans with signatures from other staff such as planner, council/county board, fire department, etc. 

Residential Projects:

  1. Preconstruction meeting if needed by homeowner, contractor, etc.
  2. Submit two sets of plans, heat loss calculation, energy requirements and survey if required. The plan review can be completed at this time. If additional information or corrections are needed, a correction letter will be sent or a phone call to the owner/agent requesting the additional information.
  3. Once received the plan review can be complete.
  4. Issuance of the building permit

Plan review is generally needed when ever a structure is to be built to verify health, safety and welfare for the owner and public. All communities Inspection Services of Central Minnesota, Inc. serves receive plan reviews on all permits issued. This service is also provided to communities who need additional assistance to keep up with the demand of building activities in their community. 

24-Hour Notice is required for all Inspections.