Along with plan review, the inspection program of a project assures compliance with the building codes, which is a minimum standard. The one thing we hear in our industry is that an inspector didn’t show or is not consistent in the enforcement of the codes. This company is dedicated to be on time for all of the inspections and if an inspector is late, a phone call will be made to the contractor to let them know. Also, with code enforcement, the building official has a responsibility to make sure that the codes are being enforced consistently to all. 

Here is an inspection list which Inspection Services of Central Minnesota, Inc. performs for all permit applications. When you receive your inspection card, all of the required inspections will be marked on that card for the project being constructed. 

Commercial and Industrial

  1. Footing inspection. 
  2. Foundation inspections and core fill block. 
  3. Structural and nonstructural. 
  4. Rough in plumbing, heating and gas. 
  5. Rough in sprinkler system and hydro tests. 
  6. Insulation inspection.
  7. Fire rating inspection. 
  8. Accessibility inspections. 
  9. Final heating, plumbing and gas. 
  10. Final sprinkler system. 
  11. Final accessibility. 
  12. Final building inspection. 
  13. Issue the Certificate of Occupancy. 

Residential Projects:

Please keep in mind; this is a partial inspection list. Commercial and Industrial projects may require additional inspections. 

  1. Footing inspections. 
  2. Foundation inspections. 
  3. Framing inspection. 
  4. Rough in energy code inspection. 
  5. Rough in plumbing and mechanical. 
  6. Insulation inspection. 
  7. Final plumbing and mechanical. 
  8. Final building. 
  9. Issue the Certificate of Occupancy. 

All inspections are self-explanatory on the inspection cards. This card is given with the issuance of the building permit. 

24-Hour Notice is required for all Inspections.